Generate Business through Roundabout & Traffic Site Sponsorship

We are currently working in over 100 local authority areas including Cardiff, Kent, Cambridge City, Ipswich, Bromley, Croydon, Bexley, Greenwich, Buckinghamshire, Bedford, Blackpool, Redcar, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Transport for London on various highway sponsorship initiatives.


All sites are exclusive to one sponsor for a minimum 12-month period.  With roundabouts you receive a sign on the site for each approach road leading towards the site (normally 3 or 4 signs) and with traffic islands, it can be 2, 3 or 4 signs depending on the site. With Boundary Signs, it is always just the one larger sign underneath the ‘Welcome’ message.


The price will vary depending on the location; the busier the site, the higher the advertising cost. The price will always include the artwork, production and installation of the signs and should any damage occur during the sponsorship period, the signs will be replaced free of charge. With regards to size, shape and content of the signs, this is governed by the specific council. Please refer to the areas covered page where you can identify exactly what is permitted in each area.



Payment may be made in full once the signage has been erected or monthly by direct debit. If you choose to pay monthly by direct debit, please note the contract will run for the minimum 12-month period and thereafter monthly until cancelled.