Elmbridge Council Roundabout Sponsorship

General Information

What am I permitted to include?

You may display your company name / logo along with a short business message and contact details in the form of a website address, address or telephone number. Roundabout locations are exclusive to one sponsor, however you are permitted to have a different design displayed on each exit of the roundabout. If you do require multiple messages, each approach road can be targeted with a different sign advertising your specific service.



What size are the signs?

The signs are dependent on the size of the roundabout and range in size as follows;


810mm x 410mm or 32" x 16"

915mm x 457mm or 36" x 18"

1016mm x 508mm or 40" x 20"



All signs include a section at the bottom reserved for Elmbridge Council. The sign sizes given are inclusive of this space, please contact us if you need the exact sponsorship area.

On Site Images

How Does it Work?

General Roundabout Terms & Conditions

  • Each roundabout is exclusive to one company only and will carry 1 sign per exit.
  • All contracts are for a minimum period of 12 months.
  • Cost is payable either in full on invoice, or 12 interest free monthly instalments by direct debit.
  • All artwork, manufacture and installation costs are included in the price.
  • The price covers any damage that may occur to your signs.

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